How to make potato with leek soup

Hi all!

I am  writing recipe here for potato with leek soup. I like my soups to be more thick and creamy. I think the more soup we eat, the healthier and fitter we will be. I also like to have differed kinds of soup. Sometimes I like to cook broth and clear soups. We can have soup for dinner, lunch and snacks.

Potato with Leek Soup Ingredients

  1.  Leek — 1 whole bunch
  2.  Potato — 200gm
  3. Butter — 100gm
  4. Fresh Cream — 50gm
  5. Milk — 1 cup
  6. Salt to taste


First cut the leeks in half, place the leafy green part aside. Some people don’t use the leek greens, but I like to use the whole leek. The greens give a nice color. Wash both parts properly.  Wash potatoes.

Cut the potato and the leek into small pieces and put into separate bowls. You don’t need any garlic or onion, because if you add garlic you don’t get the leek’s flavor.

Heat pan and add  butter. First fry the leek for a few minutes.  Add potato and fry for few minutes until it turns brown.

Once the leek and potato are browned, add milk and let it boil a few minutes. Now add the green leek tops and boil for another moment.

Once the milk has boiled for a few minutes and everything is cooked, place in a blender and blend. Be careful because it is hot. Add salt and fresh cream, and your soup is ready to eat. Enjoy!






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