Nepali style homemade fermented radish and carrot pickle (mula ra gajar ko shisha achaar)!

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Today I am sharing instructions about how to make preserved radish and carrot spicy pickle at home easily in a jar. It is also one of the favorite staff pick during our lunch time with rice and lentil dish. We can store this pickle for upto 6 months. Most of the year, I prepare such 5 to 10 kg of such pickles because everybody loves them. I have also prepared hog plum pickle upto 30 kg in a year. You can visit this link for that recipe. So, here we go instructions on how to make easy Nepali style jar pickle or shisha ko achar /सिसाको अचार . The ingredient quantity I present here can fill upto 3 large size jars so please be careful about how much you want to make.


  1.  White radish सेतो मुला 5 kg
  2. Carrot गाजर  2 kg
  3. Green chilly हरियो खोर्सानी 200 gm
  4. Mustard oil तोरी तेल 1 liter
  5. Mustard seed तोरिको दाना 200 gm
  6. Cumin seed जिराको दाना 50 gm
  7.  Garam masala 50 gm
  8. Coriander powder धनीया धुलो 50 gm
  9. Turmeric powder बेसार 50 gm
  10. Salt to taste


We will need at least two days for this process. Step 1-3 needs to be done on day 1 and step 4 onward the next day.

Step 1:  Wash radish and carrot and put them in a large container. I have peeled some outer layer but it is not necessary.

Step 2:  Cut washed radish and carrot into cubical thin strips as shown below

Step 3: Now, we have to sun dry these diced carrot and radish for at least a day. In a nanglo or table or a large shallow container, place clean clothes towel, baking paper or clean paper. Then spread the radish and carrot above it. You can leave it out in the sun for one or more days depending on how strong the sun is. The cut pieces should be fairly light once it is dried. Transfer the dried pieces into a large container when you are satisfied with its drying in a day or two.

I spread them onto a table with a clean tablecloth on top (right). Make sure to spread them as thinly as possible to ensure good drying.

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Quick Mozzarella Cheese with Tomato Salad!

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Today I am sharing a new salad recipe – how to make quick Mozzarella cheese with tomato salad.  I have made this salad many times. I have also posted photos in my face book page but hadn’t yet written a recipe. Sometimes I post only photos in my facebook and friends request me to send them the recipe or write down the directions. So, I am writing this one too.  Cheese is my absolute favorite that is why I like making this salad many times. This can be a nice addition to your usual lunch or dinner menu.


  1.  200 gm fresh Mozzarella cheese
  2.  200 gm big tomatoes
  3. 5 Black olives
  4. 1 bunch lettuce leaf for bedding

Ingredients for salad dressing

  1.  Small bunch of rosemary around 5 gm finely chopped
  2. Garlic 2 pieces finely chopped
  3.  Vinegar 1 tbs
  4. Olive oil 2 tbs
  5. Light soy sauce 2 tbs
  6. Salt & pepper to taste



First take fresh mozzarella cheese and cut in medium dice.

Step 2

Wash the tomatoes thoroughly. Remove the seeds and cut into medium dice.


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The Best Healthy and Easy Raw Vegetable Salad!

Dear all  hello,

Now I am  sharing a quick recipe on how to make a healthy salad. There is a delicious and colorful combination of texture and flavors in this simple raw vegetable salad. This easy salad mix contains seasonal vegetables and salty peanuts. It’s a very easy quick recipe and very light. I like this salad very much. This raw vegetables salad is for those who don’t like to cook.


  1. 1 bowl medium dice cut carrot
  2. 1  bowl medium dice cut cucumber
  3. 1 bowl medium dice cut capsicum
  4.  1 bowl medium cut cooked beetroot
  5. 1 bowl salty peanut
  6.  1 bowl medium cut tomatoes
  7. 1 bowl medium cut onion
  8. 2 tsp lemon juice
  9.  Salt pepper to taste
  10.  Coriander leaf for garnish


  1. First wash and peel all the vegetables properly in drinking water and let them sit for a few minutes on a container for all the water to drain.

2. Cut the vegetables one by one in a medium dice cut. Here is cut cucumber. I prefer organic or local cucumber as it is much more tasty than others.

Here is cut fresh carrots.  I was lucky to find such juicy and nice colored carrots.

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How to make corn salad

Spring is here. So let’s welcome spring with this colorful, super energetic and lively salad. Making salad is really simple and easy.

Here is a photo of what I have in mind.


This is a beautiful juicy, sweet and tangy combination of corn, beetroot, cucumber, apple, and …. You can add whatever more you like to the list. Here’s my list and directions for this particular one in the photo. Continue reading

How to Make Mixed Vegetables Salad!

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I hope every one of you are doing fine. The chilly winter is almost over now with the weather getting super nice. This beautiful weather calls for some fresh and healthy salad. So here’s a quick and easy recipe.

This one is for mixed vegetable salad. Fresh vegetables are delicious so mixing them with different combinations to create  a salad ensures becomes an exciting meal or a side dish. Salad are delicious and knowing that they are also good for you adds to the delicious factor. See below the colorful salad that I prepared:

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  1. 200gm star capsicum
  2. 200gm beetroot
  3. 200gm cabbage
  4. 200gm carrot

For dressing

  • Rosemary 1 bunch
  • Vinegar 1 tbs
  • Garlic fine paste 1 tbs
  • Light soy sauce 1 tbs
  • Salt pepper to taste


Boil the beetroot until cooked, then let it cool. Cut the star capsicum medium dice then cut the beetroot medium dice. Also cut the cabbage medium dice. Mix all ingredients in one large bowl. In the photo I’ve also added some nasturtium flowers for more flair and punch. But if you do not have it, no problem. The salad is equally delicious without it too.  Continue reading