How to make corn salad

Spring is here. So let’s welcome spring with this colorful, super energetic and lively salad. Making salad is really simple and easy.

Here is a photo of what I have in mind.


This is a beautiful juicy, sweet and tangy combination of corn, beetroot, cucumber, apple, and …. You can add whatever more you like to the list. Here’s my list and directions for this particular one in the photo. Continue reading


How to make Vegetable stock

I am going to show you all how to make vegetable stock today. As I learned from google, here is a paragraph that tells us why stock is important.

The importance of stocks in the kitchen is indicated by the French word for the stock: found, meaning “foundation” or “base”. In classical cuisine, the ability to prepare good stock is the most basic of all skills  because so much of the work of the entire kitchen depends on them. A stock is the foundation of soup, sauces, and most braised foods and stew.

Isn’t this so deep? Stock is in fact important in the kitchen and also saves us so much of time. So here I go.


  1. Carrot 100gm
  2. Mushroom 100gm
  3. Turnip 1oogm
  4. Capsicum 50gm
  5. Leek 50gm
  6. Onion 3 piece
  7. Celery 100gm
  8. Tomato 100gm
  9. Parsley 50gm
  10. Rosemary 50gm
  11. Thyme 30 gm
  12. Oregano 30 gm
  13. Bay leaf 30 gm
  14. Cinnamon 4sticks
  15. Cardamon 30gm
  16.   Cloves 14 piece
  17. Water 5 liter


Wash the vegetables thoroughly, and give them a rough chop. You don’t even need to peel them.

chopped veggie:. carrot, turnip, capsicum, and mushroom.

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