How to make fresh ground coffee (not instant) at home?

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing today how to make fresh coffee like you find in proper coffee shops and restaurants at home.  Actually, this recipe was a request for my blog. That’s why I am writing this. I also drink coffee twice a day. I prepared this particular batch at my sister’s home on the weekend. I used the Jalpa Gold coffee found easily in market for this. This recipe is not for instant coffee like Nescafe but for roasted and ground coffee such as Jalpa gold. To learn how to make instant coffee easily at home, please visit my earlier blog at how to make coffee at home.


I mostly use Jalpa gold to make coffee at home

I will be using a special coffee maker device for this recipe. These days, such steamers are easily available in the market at cheap price. They come in different shapes, sizes. I worked in a coffee shop in 2011 and I used a big coffee machine. I used to drink a lot of coffee I can’t imagine now. Sometimes I even drank 10 cups of coffee in a day! But no more. 2 cups should be the limit for all of us for a healthy, refreshing day. So, here we go.


  1.  Jalpa gold fresh coffee powder 4 tablespoon
  2. Sugar to taste.
  3. Milk 2 cups (optional according to your preference)
  4.  Hot water as required.


  1.  Coffee steamer any that is available.
  2. Coffee whisk optional.
  3. Big bowl for boiling milk
  4. 4 cups to serve coffee
  5. a Spoon


Step 1: This is the coffee maker that I use which can be easily used on top of our regular gas stoves. Separate this espresso-maker into its three parts.

steamers like these are easily available in market nowadays. They are safe to use on top of our regular gas stove.

These are the three parts of the coffeemaker. The lower portion (left one) is for water. The filter or middle part is where the ground coffee goes. The upper chamber (right) is for the finished coffee.

Step 2: Fill the lower part of the coffee maker chamber with cold drinking water.

Step 3: Take the filter basket and fill it all the way with coffee grounds, make sure it is full. Press slightly using a spoon.

Step 4: Now, assemble all the parts together. Place the filter with coffee ground onto the water filled chamber. Then put the top chamber and tighten it.

Step 5:  Now, turn on the gas stove and place the coffee maker on the stove top. Let it boil in low to medium heat. Make sure the handle is not in contact with the heat.  I use a support at the base of stove top to steady the coffee maker as shown in the photo below.

Step 6: Once you hear gurgling sound of boiling water, remove the coffeemaker from the stove or turn off the gas.

Turn off the gas when you hear gurgling sound. You can also check by opening the lid on the top.

Step 7: For people who uses milk on their coffee, boil milk in another container. When the milk starts to boil add sugar as desired.

Step 8: When the milk with sugar boils, turn off the gas and remove from stove. Here I used an electric whisk to form milk foam for a fancy effect. It is not required but I always use this whisk as I like coffee with foam. This process is just to make the coffee look amazing.  Whisk for 5 minutes until milk foams come up nicely. Then pour the milk into cups. Such whisks (electric or battery operated) are also available in market these days.

Step 9: Now pour the coffee ready in step 6 directly from the coffee maker onto the cups containing milk. For people who doesn’t like strong coffee, it is better to add some hot water. For those who prefer without milk, pour the coffee directly onto your cups. If it is too strong, pour some extra hot water.e

Pour the finished coffee onto the cups with milk



Enjoy your early morning coffee with flowers, friends and lovely chat.


Enjoy your fresh coffee every day by following this process.

Caution: do not ever add sugar or milk or anything else besides water directly in your coffee maker water chamber because they will cause damage to the pot.


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