How to make fresh ground coffee (not instant) at home?

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing today how to make fresh coffee like you find in proper coffee shops and restaurants at home.  Actually, this recipe was a request for my blog. That’s why I am writing this. I also drink coffee twice a day. I prepared this particular batch at my sister’s home on the weekend. I used the Jalpa Gold coffee found easily in market for this. This recipe is not for instant coffee like Nescafe but for roasted and ground coffee such as Jalpa gold. To learn how to make instant coffee easily at home, please visit my earlier blog at how to make coffee at home.


I mostly use Jalpa gold to make coffee at home

I will be using a special coffee maker device for this recipe. These days, such steamers are easily available in the market at cheap price. They come in different shapes, sizes. I worked in a coffee shop in 2011 and I used a big coffee machine. I used to drink a lot of coffee I can’t imagine now. Sometimes I even drank 10 cups of coffee in a day! But no more. 2 cups should be the limit for all of us for a healthy, refreshing day. So, here we go.


  1.  Jalpa gold fresh coffee powder 4 tablespoon
  2. Sugar to taste.
  3. Milk 2 cups (optional according to your preference)
  4.  Hot water as required.


  1.  Coffee steamer any that is available.
  2. Coffee whisk optional.
  3. Big bowl for boiling milk
  4. 4 cups to serve coffee
  5. a Spoon


Step 1: This is the coffee maker that I use which can be easily used on top of our regular gas stoves. Separate this espresso-maker into its three parts.

steamers like these are easily available in market nowadays. They are safe to use on top of our regular gas stove.

These are the three parts of the coffeemaker. The lower portion (left one) is for water. The filter or middle part is where the ground coffee goes. The upper chamber (right) is for the finished coffee.

Step 2: Fill the lower part of the coffee maker chamber with cold drinking water.

Step 3: Take the filter basket and fill it all the way with coffee grounds, make sure it is full. Press slightly using a spoon.

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Healthy summer drink- Mint flavored beetroot and banana smoothie!

Hello my dearest friends!

I am back again after a long time with a new healthy recipe. I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Summer is here in Nepal already. I am very excited about writing this recipe of Beetroot and Banana Smoothie with mint as it is one of my favorites. It is very simple.  I use use beetroot regularly in my kitchen these days. Sometimes, I serve as salad sometimes as smoothie. If you don’t have mint, it’s fine too. I used mint for this particular batch because my friend had brought some for me as a gift. So, here we go:


  1. Beetroot 200 gm
  2. Banana 3 pieces
  3. Milk 500ml
  4. One cup crushed ice (optional)
  5. Mint leaves (optional)

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How to make strawberry smoothie!

Hell dear all friends!

Spring is finally….here! So, I am sharing recipe of smoothie to celebrate the fine weather –  how to make strawberry smoothie. This is best for summer but you can serve it all year round. The only problem is we cannot find strawberry all year round in Nepal. But right now, I see these days strawberries everywhere in fruit market in Kathmandu. This is one of the easiest methods to make a smoothie and is very good in taste. 🙂  


  1.  Fresh strawberries 500 gm
  2.  Sweet yogurt 200 ml
  3. Ice cube 3/4 pieces
  4. Vanilla ice cream 100 gm (optional)

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How to make Nepali Masala Tea!

Dear friends!

Today I am sharing the best masala tea recipe or the best spiced up Nepali tea. I am feeling very funny to write this recipe. I always thought that everyone can make tea. My sister told me to write tea recipe 1 year ago but I didn’t believe her. I said, “who doesn’t know how to make tea?”.  But this time I am writing this recipe for my friend Julia who loves masala tea so much but says that she doesn’t know proper way to make it.

Ingredient for 5 large cups

  1. Milk 1 liter (whole milk preferred)
  2. Water 3 cups (about 500ml)
  3. Green cardamom 10 pieces
  4. Cloves 8 pieces
  5. Bay leafs 5
  6. 3 tablespoon sugar
  7. 3 tablespoon regular tea leaves (not green leaves but those specifically for milk tea)


Here are some photos of the sugar and tea leaves that I use daily.Pour the milk in a pot and add water. If you don’t know how much milk and water to add, pour half cup water for every cup of milk that you add. Place the pot into the stove.


Nepali milk packet(whole milk) poured onto a cup. For every full cup milk, add half a cup of water.

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How to make Almond Milk at home?

Hello dear all friends!

Today I am sharing a new recipe on how to make home made almond milk! It is easy to make and very good to taste too. A while back, a friend of mine showed me how to make soy milk for the first time. Then I tried with some nuts almond and Nepali unroasted peanuts. I liked this almond milk more than soy and peanut. It tastes awesome and is very creamy in texture. If you are making milk with peanut and soybean, choose good organic quality. These milk can be used as regular cow and buffalo milk. You can even make tea and coffee.  I think it’s good for many people with lactose intolerance or sinus problem more than regular milk. Generally, we do not use such milk at home but this same recipe I am putting out can be followed to make soy and peanuts milk.


  1. 1 cup raw almond preferably organic
  2.  3 cups water plus more for soaking
  3. Sweetener as you like, honey, sugar etc .  I am not using any sweetener here.

Utensils needed

  1.  Bowl any type to soak the almond
  2. Strainer
  3. Measuring cups
  4. Blender
  5. Soup pan for boiling


  1.   Place the almonds in a bowl and pour water until there’s at least an inch of water above them. The almonds will become fuller as they absorb water.  Soak overnight or for 7-8 hours. To begin, drain the water from the soaked almonds.

    overnight soaked almonds

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Summer Drink: Mint flavored Water Melon Juice

Hi all!

I know everybody loves water melon. I do. I ❤ water melon.

Even if you dont, and if your are too bored to remove the seeds, you can always make fresh juice. Today, I am going to show how easy it is to make water melon juice.

Usually I use mint but you can use other flavor like spear mint leaves, basil leaves, rosemary, cumin and such according to your preference. This works even better for those who really do not like or cannot drink enough water. This is a nurturing juice, and it is without sugar so you can drink any time and as much as you would like.

Ingredient  (For 6 tall glasses):

One ripe and juicy watermelon (about 3 kg)

Mint leaves (1 bunch)

Ice crushed as required


Prep time : 10 minutes


Place you watermelon on a cutting board. Remove the outer cover. Slice it into small  chunks. Wash the mint leaves, place in a bowl.

Sliced watermelon and mint leaves.

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How to make Mango Smoothie with mint flavor

Hi, today I am going to show you a very quick and easy example of how to whip up some delicious smoothie (lassi). It’s scorching hot in Kathmandu, and I hope this smoothie will cool your days down.

It’s easy to make and very healthy. Choose mangoes with some yellow and some green. Mango may be ripe even though they are all green or yellow.

Once you have chosen ideal mango (ripe and super fragrant), simply peel the mango and cut around the flat oblong pit in the center. Even if you have unripe mangoes at hand, wait for a few days as unripe mangoes will ripe at room temperature in a few days.

Preparation time: 1o minute

Ingredients (serves tall 5-6 glasses)

  1. Ripe mango 1 kg
  2. Sweet yogurt 500ml
  3. Fresh mint leaf 1 bunch
  4. Ice crushed 1 cup (optional)



Wash and peel the mango. Remove the seed. Wash and chop the mint – use only leaf. Then pour all ingredients (mango, mint and yogurt) in blender. You can pour ice also (if it’s crushed).  Blend on high for five minutes or until mango smoothie thickens. Then pour in a glass. Serve in summer for a good refreshing drink. There you go. Done!

Now you can serve this cooling refresher anytime – the “mango with mint” smoothie.

Enjoy!! Slurpp!! 😀


Mango sharbat is a tangy summer cooler that is best made out of raw mango. Here is a simple recipe of how to make mango sharbat at home.


For sugar syrup

  • Sugar 2 tablespoons
  • 2 Cup water
  • Cumin seed 2tsp
  • Cinnamon stick 30gm
  • 1 piece lemon

For Mango sharbat

  • Medium size green raw mango
  • 1 Bunch mint leaf
  • Ice crushed/cube as desired


  • First of all, grill the whole raw mango in fire.  We can easily do this by placing the mango on top of gas stove.
  • Peel the outer cover of this grilled mango.

Before and after grilling/peeling

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How to make coffee at home

This is by special request of Heema didi since she says she is clueless about how to make coffee. This is a recipe for normal coffee-instant coffee. I use Nescafe Gold but you can use any brand you prefer. Everyone at office are fond of Nescafe Gold.

So here is the how-to for two cups of coffee. We are making one black and one milk coffee in the photos. Change the ingredient quantity according to how many cups you want to serve.


1 tablespoon Nescafe  Coffee
1 tablespoon sugar
2  tablespoon boiled water
1 cup boiling  milk for milk coffee and 1 cup boiling water for black coffee

You will also need something to whisk or mix the coffee like an egg beater or a fork, and a bowl to do the whisking.

egg beater

Something like this for stirring


1. Boil the one cup of milk and water in the stove.

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