Summer Drink: Mint flavored Water Melon Juice

Hi all!

I know everybody loves water melon. I do. I ❤ water melon.

Even if you dont, and if your are too bored to remove the seeds, you can always make fresh juice. Today, I am going to show how easy it is to make water melon juice.

Usually I use mint but you can use other flavor like spear mint leaves, basil leaves, rosemary, cumin and such according to your preference. This works even better for those who really do not like or cannot drink enough water. This is a nurturing juice, and it is without sugar so you can drink any time and as much as you would like.

Ingredient  (For 6 tall glasses):

One ripe and juicy watermelon (about 3 kg)

Mint leaves (1 bunch)

Ice crushed as required


Prep time : 10 minutes


Place you watermelon on a cutting board. Remove the outer cover. Slice it into small  chunks. Wash the mint leaves, place in a bowl.

Sliced watermelon and mint leaves.

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