Hand made beetroot pasta without machine with basil sauce.

Hello all from cuisine Nepal!

Today I am sharing a new recipe of homemade beetroot pasta with basil sauce. It is a very good combination and also good for health. I like its natural pink color. This is the first time I tried making pasta without a pasta machine. I made this pasta at my friend’s home who wanted to learn how to make pasta from scratch. I created this pink-colored beetroot pasta recipe myself through experimentation.

Ingredients for dough

  1.  White flour ( maida) 500gm
  2. Fresh beetroot 2 pieces
  3. Eggs 3 pieces
  4. Oil 1 tablespoon
  5. Corn flour as required

Ingredients for basil sauce

  1.  Fresh basil leaves 1 big bowl
  2. Cashew 100 gm pre-soaked
  3. Melon seed  20 gm pre-soaked
  4. Garlic chopped 1 teaspoon
  5. Butter 50 gm
  6. Cheese 50 gm
  7. Salt to taste


For Pasta

Step 1: Wash and peel the skin of beetroot and chop them into small chunk. Step 2:  Add the diced beetroot in blender and grind them to a fine paste. Strain this to separate beetroot paste and juice. I only used the juice for pasta but you can also use the paste if you like. Step 3: Take a big bowl or any big container. Add flour and make a hole in the center. Step 4: Add eggs into the flour.  Step 5: Add beetroot juice over the flour.Step 6: Add 1 teaspoon oil. Now, knead the dough like regular chapati dough. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Wrap the dough in a clean plastic bag and let it sit in a fridge for an hour. You can use this time to prepare pastes for the sauce. Sauce direction begins from step 10.

Step 7: After the dough has rested for an hour in the fridge, knead it a few more times get it pliant and loose. On a flat surface, roll half of the dough into a thin sheet of about 2 mm thick. Sprinkle cornflour all over the sheet and then flip it over. Thoroughly sprinkle corn flour on the other side of sheet. You can bunch this dough as shown below or you can just leave it all flat.

Step 8: Now start to slice this sheet into straps to give them pasta shape. I decided to cut them about 1/8 inch thick. Cut the pasta gently. Separate each strand with your hands and then toss these strands into cornflour so they don’t stick to each other. Step 9:  Turn on the flame and in a pot boil plain water. When the water boils, add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon oil. If you add oil, the pasta don’t stick together while boiling. Add pasta and boil until thoroughly cooked. And then strain the water from the pasta. No need to wash with cold water.For basil sauce

Step 10: Take a bowl of fresh basil leaves, wash thoroughly and blend it to make a fine paste using any blender.Step 11: Take the pre-soaked cashew and melon seeds.Step 3: Blend the soaked cashew and melon seeds with some water to make a fine paste.Step 4: Take a frying pan and place it in medium heat. Add butter. Let it melt and then add chopped garlic.  Fry for a few minutes until light brown and add 1 tablespoon white flour and fry for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Add the cashew melon seed paste and basil paste. Add some water. Let it boil for 2 minutes and then add cheese. You can use any cheese. I used Amul slice cheese. You can also add nutmeg which is optional.

Step 6: After adding cheese boil until cheese melts for around 2 minutes and then add pasta.  Mix well and serve hot handmade beetroot pasta with basil paste.

Your homemade tasty beetroot pasta is ready to be enjoyed with whole family. Enjoy!!


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