How to make Bottle gourd curry

Today I am sharing a delicious side recipe for gravy based dish made from Bottle Gourd. It is a Nepali recipe and is very easy.


Cooking time – 30 minutes

Serves – 4

1. Bottle Gourd 500 gm

2. Onion 1 pc

3. Garlic 3 pc

4. Tomato 4 pc

5. Oil 200 ml

6. Fenugreek seed 10gm

7. Turmeric powder 10gm

8. Coriander leaves 1 bunch

1. Peel the skin of the gourds and cut into cube shapes.


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How to make coffee at home

This is by special request of Heema didi since she says she is clueless about how to make coffee. This is a recipe for normal coffee-instant coffee. I use Nescafe Gold but you can use any brand you prefer. Everyone at office are fond of Nescafe Gold.

So here is the how-to for two cups of coffee. We are making one black and one milk coffee in the photos. Change the ingredient quantity according to how many cups you want to serve.


1 tablespoon Nescafe  Coffee
1 tablespoon sugar
2  tablespoon boiled water
1 cup boiling  milk for milk coffee and 1 cup boiling water for black coffee

You will also need something to whisk or mix the coffee like an egg beater or a fork, and a bowl to do the whisking.

egg beater

Something like this for stirring


1. Boil the one cup of milk and water in the stove.

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