How to make Mango Smoothie with mint flavor

Hi, today I am going to show you a very quick and easy example of how to whip up some delicious smoothie (lassi). It’s scorching hot in Kathmandu, and I hope this smoothie will cool your days down.

It’s easy to make and very healthy. Choose mangoes with some yellow and some green. Mango may be ripe even though they are all green or yellow.

Once you have chosen ideal mango (ripe and super fragrant), simply peel the mango and cut around the flat oblong pit in the center. Even if you have unripe mangoes at hand, wait for a few days as unripe mangoes will ripe at room temperature in a few days.

Preparation time: 1o minute

Ingredients (serves tall 5-6 glasses)

  1. Ripe mango 1 kg
  2. Sweet yogurt 500ml
  3. Fresh mint leaf 1 bunch
  4. Ice crushed 1 cup (optional)



Wash and peel the mango. Remove the seed. Wash and chop the mint – use only leaf. Then pour all ingredients (mango, mint and yogurt) in blender. You can pour ice also (if it’s crushed).  Blend on high for five minutes or until mango smoothie thickens. Then pour in a glass. Serve in summer for a good refreshing drink. There you go. Done!

Now you can serve this cooling refresher anytime – the “mango with mint” smoothie.

Enjoy!! Slurpp!! 😀