Welcome everyone. This is Nirmala’s blog- chef extraordinaire.

kitchen nepali food

Get ready to be swooped up by food extravaganza, and everything delightful to the senses. Team Nirmala consists of  Nirmala the blogger cum cook, and Heema – “struggling” web guru-assisting Nirmala with occasional photos, and blog design.


“We are so ready for the challenge to take you all to our delightful world of taste, aroma and visual. Are you ready to take it up?”



Here are a few samples to get your senses screaming and your tongues drooling

food okra nepali spicy lentil soup aludam salsa thali

The above collage is easy breezy job for Nirmala. Featured are her amazing salsa, black lentil soup, potato curry, okra curry and the wonderfully laid out thali. Besides prominently Nepali, we also do continental, Tibetan, lots of beverages,  and other food varieties.

We had fun starting this blog, and hope to continue this blog in a fun manner. We will regularly feature recipes of the food that we cook, while also making it visually stunning and easier to learn with great photos and step by step instructions.

So, better watch this space for wonderful recipes, amazing ideas to enhance taste, knitting skills, other DIYs and more. Come back to us if you just want to feel happy, because we are a happy bunch spreading some delightful love around. 🙂

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