Momo (dumpling) without steamer.

I have been experimenting in my kitchen with limited resources during this lockdown. So here is another product that I am happy with. I wanted to have momo for dinner but I don’t have a momo steamer. So, I decided to be a little inventive. I not only had steam momo but also kothe (brown on one side steam on the other). And then I also had soup. So here is the recipe for 3 different styles of momo during lockdown when you don’t have a proper dumpling steamer or momo bhada.

Ingredients for dough

1. 3 cups of white flour (maida)

2. Water as required

3. A pinch of salt pinch

Instructions for dough

Add flour in a large bowl and add salt. Mix well and add water and knead the dough. After kneading, cover the dough with clean cloth or wrap plastic bag. Let is sit for 30 minutes.

Ingredients for vegetable momo stuffing:

1. Paneer ( cottage cheese) 200 gm.

2. Cabbage 200 gm.

3. Carrot 200 gm.

4. Onion 2 piece.

5. Garlic 3 pieces.

6. Ginger 1 small piece.

7. Spring onion 1 bunch if possible.

8. Oil or butter 2 tea tablespoon.

9. Salt to taste.

10. momo masala 1 tea tablespoon.

11. Green chilly 3 pieces.

Instructions for stuffing

Step 1. Heat pan and add oil or butter. When it heats up, add onion, garlic, ginger and chilly. Step 2. Fry until light brown. Add chopped cabbage, chopped carrot, and fry for 5 minutes. Add momo masala, salt, and then add grated paneer. Step 3. Remove from heat and mix well. Let it cool. Step 4. On a flat surface, roll the dough into a thin sheet. Make circle shape for wrappers by cutting with a cup. Step 5. Now, add the stuffing onto the wrapper and pinch to make dumpling shapes as you like. Here’s a video to illustrate how to wrap momos if you are a beginner.

Step 6. Now to cook it, this is my setup. Because I have a steamer basket from a rice cooker, I used that. I put some water in a frying pan and then added my momo on the steamer basket. I then put the steamer basket on top of the frying pan. Then I covered it with a lid. The photos make my setup clear. Steam the momo for 10 to 15 minutes or until the dough becomes soft.

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Thukpa (rice noodles) from scratch for a rainy day!

This recipe is most suitable for  current time when we are all locked down in our homes with so much time. So this is one of my lock down recipes.

When the weather is chilly,  I think this simple vegetable noodle soup is a healthy dinner option. I tried making my own thukpa for the first time and I found it to be better than ready-made noodles. I used stuff that I have available in my kitchen. That is why I am sharing it with you all. Give it a try. It’s easy, healthy and will help you pass the time too.

Ingredients for the dough:

* 2 cups white flour
* 2 eggs
* 200 ml water
* A pinch of salt
* Oil 2 tea tablespoon.
Ingredients for the soup:
* Oil 2 tea tablespoon
* Carrot 1 small piece
* Broccoli 1 piece
* Fresh green peas 100 gm
* ginger 1 small piece
* Garlic 3-4 pieces
* Onion 1 small piece
* Green chilly 3 pieces
* Tomato 4 pieces
* Turmeric powder 10 gm
* Salt to taste
Directions for the noodles
Step 1. Add flour in a large bowl and add eggs, oil, and salt. Knead the dough like regular chapati dough. Cover the dough. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Use this time to wash and cut the vegetables into thin slices.

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Healthy summer drink- Mint flavored beetroot and banana smoothie!

Hello my dearest friends!

I am back again after a long time with a new healthy recipe. I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Summer is here in Nepal already. I am very excited about writing this recipe of Beetroot and Banana Smoothie with mint as it is one of my favorites. It is very simple.  I use use beetroot regularly in my kitchen these days. Sometimes, I serve as salad sometimes as smoothie. If you don’t have mint, it’s fine too. I used mint for this particular batch because my friend had brought some for me as a gift. So, here we go:


  1. Beetroot 200 gm
  2. Banana 3 pieces
  3. Milk 500ml
  4. One cup crushed ice (optional)
  5. Mint leaves (optional)

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The Best Healthy and Easy Raw Vegetable Salad!

Dear all  hello,

Now I am  sharing a quick recipe on how to make a healthy salad. There is a delicious and colorful combination of texture and flavors in this simple raw vegetable salad. This easy salad mix contains seasonal vegetables and salty peanuts. It’s a very easy quick recipe and very light. I like this salad very much. This raw vegetables salad is for those who don’t like to cook.


  1. 1 bowl medium dice cut carrot
  2. 1  bowl medium dice cut cucumber
  3. 1 bowl medium dice cut capsicum
  4.  1 bowl medium cut cooked beetroot
  5. 1 bowl salty peanut
  6.  1 bowl medium cut tomatoes
  7. 1 bowl medium cut onion
  8. 2 tsp lemon juice
  9.  Salt pepper to taste
  10.  Coriander leaf for garnish


  1. First wash and peel all the vegetables properly in drinking water and let them sit for a few minutes on a container for all the water to drain.

2. Cut the vegetables one by one in a medium dice cut. Here is cut cucumber. I prefer organic or local cucumber as it is much more tasty than others.

Here is cut fresh carrots.  I was lucky to find such juicy and nice colored carrots.

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How to make corn salad

Spring is here. So let’s welcome spring with this colorful, super energetic and lively salad. Making salad is really simple and easy.

Here is a photo of what I have in mind.


This is a beautiful juicy, sweet and tangy combination of corn, beetroot, cucumber, apple, and …. You can add whatever more you like to the list. Here’s my list and directions for this particular one in the photo. Continue reading

How to make Palak Paneer Paratha!

Today my blog is about spinach paratha stuffed with flavored paneer. This is one of the easiest and healthiest recipe that can be prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Palak Paneer Paratha is a traditional North Indian breakfast dish which I am making here as Nepali style with with spinach, cottage cheese, butter and other nutritional ingredients. This particular paratha, as I’ve read online, is full of iron, calcium and vitamins. Enjoy this delicious typical Nepali style Paratha. Best when served sizzling hot hot!


For the dough

  1. Flour 1kg
  2. spinach leaf 500gm
  3. Coriander leaf 30gm
  4. Carom seed/Ajwain in Hindi/Jwano in Nepali 10 gm
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Chat masala 10 gm

For mixture

  1. Paneer (cottage cheese)400gm
  2. Onion 200gm
  3. Garlic 100gm
  4. Ginger 100gm
  5. Green chilly 4 piece
  6. Cumin seed 10gm
  7. Coriander powder 10gm
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Coriander leaf 100gm


Wash spinach 2 to 3 times in cold water.
Boil 3 cups of water and add spinach leaves and keep it for 2 minute.
Drain water from spinach.
Add blanched spinach to a blender, add coriander leaf which will make smooth puree.
Mix wheat flour, some salt, and carom seeds to make a stiff dough. Now add the spinach puree.
Make a dough out of these, following the standard dough making technique -kneading and kneading. 🙂
Preparation for the filling mixture
Combine grated paneer in a medium size bowl.
Heat a shallow pan. Add Olive oil. Add cumin seed, add onion, ginger, garlic paste, green chilly. Let them be light brown and add paneer and coriander leaf. Mix well.
Final Steps
After the dough has been set aside for 20 minutes, divide it into 9 equal parts and give each a round ball shape. Press each ball a little in the middle and fill the paneer mixture inside the dough.
Take each ball separately and convert it into thick Pattie by pressing between your palms or by rolling. Lightly coat its entire surface with dry flour.
Place it on a heated tava griddle or a shallow frying pan and cook it as you would cook plain paratha. Adding 1/2 teaspoon butter on each side as you flip the paratha will make it even more delicious. Cook the paratha until light golden brown spots appear on both sides.

Coat with butter on both sides. See the golden brown spot-the paratha is cooked!

  Now Palak Paneer Paratha is ready!!!
You can try making this paratha which is really good for your health. Show me your photos, if you tried this recipe. Also ask me any questions in my facebook page at Nirmala’s Delight!

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