How to make Nepali-style donuts (doughnuts) at home?

Hello all,

Today I am sharing a recipe of how to make donuts at home. It is very easy to make. I made these donuts during lockdown when I had enough time to make different types of food. I used to cook new dishes every day as I could easily purchase ingredients in the grocery nearby my home. When I posted doughnut photo on my Facebook story, a friend of mine requested me to write its recipe that’s why I am sharing this recipe here. The waiting time for doughnut is about 6 hours so if you want to have it as afternoon snacks, you have to follow the dough preparation step in the morning.


  1.  white flour (maida) 1 kg
  2. Eggs 3 whole
  3.  Warm milk 1 cup
  4.  Dry yeast 1 tablespoon
  5. Butter 4 tablespoon


Step 1 : First take a bowl. Add the warm milk and  butter.

Step 2 : Add dry yeast and sugar.

Step 3 : Add eggs. Mix properly and cover the bowl.

Step 4 :  Let it sit for 15 minutes until froth or bubbles begin to form.

Step 5 : Take the flour (maida) in a large bowl. Pour the frothy mix of above onto the flour.

Step 6:  Knead the mix to get a soft and sticky dough.

Step 7: Cover the soft dough for 6 hours. After 6 hours, the dough should have tripled in size.

Step 8: Divide this puffed up dough into 5 pieces or balls. Sprinkle the dough balls gently with a little bit of flour.  Remove them from the bowl and place them on a flat surface .

Step 9:  Sprinkle a little bit of flour on the flat surface and softly knead the dough and gently roll it out until the thickness is less than an inch. If you have doughnut cutter, use it to easily cut out doughnut shape. If you don’t have doughnut cutter, then use the following method. First use any cup or round steel bowl to get a rounded dough.

Step 10: Then cut a hole in the middle with a smaller round object such as a bottle cap.

Step 11: The doughnut shapes are ready after being cut. Roll the rest of the dough and repeat the same process for rest of them.

Step 12: Sprinkle flour in a tray and place the doughnuts there. Find a relatively warm spot in your kitchen to place the tray.

Step 13: Cover the doughnut with butter paper or tissue pepper and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Step 14:  After 30 minutes, the doughnuts will be double in size.

Step 15: Now to finally start frying the doughnuts. Turn on your gas stove, and heat up large quantity of oil in a stock pot or deep pot like karai.

Step 16:  After the oil is smoking hot, add the doughnuts one by one into the oil.

Step 17: Fry the doughnut in medium to high heat. After about a minute or so, flip the doughnut and cook it on the other side for about 1 minute again. You will know when the doughnut is cooked by the golden brown color of the skin.

Step 18: After frying them well on both sides, take them out onto a colander or on a plate.

Step 19:  Enjoy fresh doughnuts with hot tea or coffee. You can keep the doughnuts for up to two days after which they will begin to lose their softness.

Bonus step: If you want a sweeter doughnut, sprinkle icing sugar over the doughnut. You can also spread chocolate syrup, colorful sprinkles to make your doughnut more attractive.


2 thoughts on “How to make Nepali-style donuts (doughnuts) at home?

  1. Delighted to see…very interesting and presented clearly with photo , easy to understand the recipe , definitely will try, thank you for sharing your knowledge

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