How to make strawberry smoothie!

Hell dear all friends!

Spring is finally….here! So, I am sharing recipe of smoothie to celebrate the fine weather –  how to make strawberry smoothie. This is best for summer but you can serve it all year round. The only problem is we cannot find strawberry all year round in Nepal. But right now, I see these days strawberries everywhere in fruit market in Kathmandu. This is one of the easiest methods to make a smoothie and is very good in taste. 🙂  


  1.  Fresh strawberries 500 gm
  2.  Sweet yogurt 200 ml
  3. Ice cube 3/4 pieces
  4. Vanilla ice cream 100 gm (optional)


Step 1:  Take fresh strawberries and make sure to wash your strawberries. Remove the crown and the green leafy part at the top.Step 2. Here is very sweet and yummy tasting yogurt. This one is juju dhau ( king of yogurt).Step 3. Add strawberries and the yogurt into the blender. Blend until smooth for about 5 seconds. Pause then blend again. Repeat until mixed thoroughly. You can add vanilla ice cream and ice cubes if you want.Step 4. The smoothie is ready. Serve in a tall chilled glass or cups to shape top your smoothie off with a straw and enjoy.

sweet light smoothie is ready!


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