How to make Nepali style home made pickle (achar)!

Hello dear friends!

Today I am sharing a new recipe – how to make Nepali style pickle (achar).  It can be served as a side dish.  All my friends have liked this pickle the most.  We can serve with beaten rice, poori tarkari, selroti etc.  Generally, I serve this pickle with rice (dal bhat). We can find the ingredients for this anytime anywhere. It is really simple to make. I hope you enjoy this recipe too.

ingredients required for the pickle


  1.  White or red radish 200gm (मुला)
  2. Local or any type cucumber 200 gm
  3. Cherry tomatoes (or any other ripe tomatoes) 200 gm
  4. Fresh green chillies 3 pieces chopped
  5.  Lemon 2 pieces
  6. Sesame seed 100 gm (तिल)
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Fenugreek seed half tablespoon
  9. Cilantro 1 bunch for garnish (धनियाँ)

Step 1. First wash  radishes, cucumber properly and chop into small same sized pieces. Step 2.  Take a container and put all the chopped radish and cucumber into it.  Spray half a tablespoon salt over the chopped cucumber and radish. Cover the container and  leave aside for one hour until all the vegetable water comes out.  This will stop your pickle from being watery and soggy. Step 3. Take tomatoes and fine chop them. Cook the chopped tomatoes with a cup of water until cooked. After cooked fully, the tomatoes looks like tomato paste as shown in the photo below.  Step 4. Roast (fry) sesame seeds in a pan until they start to pop and make noise. Remove from heat and grind them in a grinder to get roasted sesame powder as shown in the photo below. Step 5. Now, drain all the water from the chopped radish and cucumber from step 2. Then add all the above ingredients into the mix – the sesame powder, tomato paste. Step 6. Heat a pan and add oil. When oil gets smoking hot, add fenugreek seed and green chopped chili. When fenugreek starts to turn into brown color, add turmeric and red chili powder. Remove from heat and add over the mixed ingredients. Squeeze lemons over the mixture. Mix well either by a spatula or by hand wearing skin gloves.

Step 7.If salt is not enough for your taste, add now and mix again. Add cilantro for garnish. The pickle is ready to serve.

20180223_131605 (2).jpg

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