How to make Ema Datshi (Bhutanese chillies & cheese dish)!

Hello dear all friends!

Picking Shitake mushroom with friends.

After long time I am back again with a new recipe. This is called Ema Datshi and it is a very popular Bhutanese dish. I used to make it all the time when Neera sister was still in our office. She is from Bhutan and she loved this dish. This recipe I am presenting is slightly my own style.  I remember best sister Neera whenever I make this dish.  Last week, I went to visit my friends in Godawari. That time we had lot of fun visiting farm. We also picked up Shitake mushroom. I was thinking of making Ema datshi.  When I was back home, I made this dish with plain rice. I think it tastes better with red sticky rice. It just so happened that my friends had bought red peppers from Bhutan so I could make this dish in my home and office.

It is simple and quick. It is quite hot spicy but tastes amazing. This cheese based recipe is full of surprises.


  1.  Red large chilly around 25 gm if dry (my friends brought special from Bhutan in this photo)
  2. Any type of fresh mushroom 200 gm
  3. Potatoes 2 pieces
  4. Amul or any butter 100 gm
  5. Cheese 200 gm (which can be melted)
  6. Water 1 cup
  7. Salt to taste


Step 1. If red chilly is dry, you can soak for 30  minutes before cooking

Step 2. After 30 minutes, chop the red chilly in medium dice.

Step 3. Chop potatoes in medium dice.

Step 4. Chop Shitake mushroom in medium dice. If shitake is not available you can use round fresh mushroom also.

Step 5.  Now add all the above ingredients into a pot or soup pan and add one cup of cold water. Let it boil until the it begins to bubble.

Step 6.  Add butter, cheese and salt over the boiling vegetables. Cover.

Step 7. After 10 minute, open the cover. It will look creamy and very nice color.

Step 8. Done. Now spicy Ema Datshi is ready to be served.  Here, I am serving with white rice and stir fried organic spinach leaves. I hope you enjoy this making this amazingly rich and delicious recipe.


Happy dzi family Neera didi we miss you.


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