How to make fresh corn pancake!

Dear all Namaste!

I am sharing a new recipe of how to make fresh corn pancake. This is my own recipe. When I went cycling with friends a few weeks back, I saw many corn field on the way. Then I thought to make something new from fresh corn. Normally, we eat corn by boiling. After cycling, we went to sister’s home for rest and I saw fresh corn on the kitchen table. So the idea to create something new struck me then. I experimented with making fresh corn pancake which everybody liked. So, I am sharing this recipe through my blog. It is a very very easy to make and I feel it is healthier than white flour. So, you can opt for this instead of the flour pancake while the corn season is still here.


We passed through many corn fields in Lalitpur while out cycling.

Preparation time: 30 minutes


  1.  Fresh baby corn 3 pieces around 500gm
  2.  Whole egg one piece
  3.  Milk one cup around 200ml
  4.  Sugar or honey 2 tbs
  5. White flour 2 tbs
  6. Butter as required


1. First, remove the outer cover and shell all the fresh corn using hand or knife.

2. Add corn into grinder, add the milk and blend until the corn becomes a smooth batter.

3. Pour the batter into a bowl. Add egg, sugar,white flour and whip well.4. Heat a pan in medium heat. Add and spread butter over the pan. Add the corn pancake mixture.


5. Flip on the other side. Cook well on both sides until the color becomes light yellow. Now your fresh corn pancake is ready. Serve hot and delicious light breakfast.


Corn Pancake is ready. Serve with hot tea.

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