The Best Healthy and Easy Raw Vegetable Salad!

Dear all  hello,

Now I am  sharing a quick recipe on how to make a healthy salad. There is a delicious and colorful combination of texture and flavors in this simple raw vegetable salad. This easy salad mix contains seasonal vegetables and salty peanuts. It’s a very easy quick recipe and very light. I like this salad very much. This raw vegetables salad is for those who don’t like to cook.


  1. 1 bowl medium dice cut carrot
  2. 1  bowl medium dice cut cucumber
  3. 1 bowl medium dice cut capsicum
  4.  1 bowl medium cut cooked beetroot
  5. 1 bowl salty peanut
  6.  1 bowl medium cut tomatoes
  7. 1 bowl medium cut onion
  8. 2 tsp lemon juice
  9.  Salt pepper to taste
  10.  Coriander leaf for garnish


  1. First wash and peel all the vegetables properly in drinking water and let them sit for a few minutes on a container for all the water to drain.

2. Cut the vegetables one by one in a medium dice cut. Here is cut cucumber. I prefer organic or local cucumber as it is much more tasty than others.

Here is cut fresh carrots.  I was lucky to find such juicy and nice colored carrots.

Cut fresh capsicum below

1 bowl of fresh cut radish.

Some fresh and red cut tomatoes. Remove the seeds when you cut tomatoes.

Fresh red onion cut in medium dice.

And finally, topping is salted peanuts. We can find in market easily.

3. Now mix all the colorful ingredients in a large bowl or any other container. Here’s how it looked when I added all the above ingredients one by one onto a bowl.

4. Add fresh lemon juice  over the raw vegetables and sprinkle salt and pepper too. Mix well with all the ingredients. In the end, garnish with coriander leaf. If you prefer, you can also add vinegar instead of the lemon juice or add both vinegar and lemon if you want that flavor.Easy, healthy, light salad is ready!!

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