Quick Breakfast- Potato Sweet Bread!

Hello dear all!

I am writing a new and easy recipe today- the potato sweet bread. I really like this bread. It is good for breakfast. This recipe is a simple and easy one for whenever you are feeling bored or are puzzling over what to make for breakfast.


  1. Potato 100gm
  2. Flour 200 gm
  3. Whole egg 2 piece
  4. Sugar 2 tablespoon
  5. Butter as required

(also ice cold water)


  1. First wash and peel the potatoes (see picture below). Grate in a grater and dip them for a few minutes in icy cold water. This is to prevent the potatoes from turning black.

2. Now drain the icy water out of the potatoes. Squeeze thoroughly to drain as much water as possible.  Now add the egg, sugar and flour into the grated potato and knead together to make dough.  We don’t need to add any water because of the eggs. Keep kneading the dough until it become smooth.

Mix the grated potatoes with egg, sugar and flour and knead thoroughly.

3. Now divide the dough into small little balls, and flat roll them to individually round shapes. You can follow the instructions number 13 and 14 of my previous posts on how to make and roll dough of my Spinach Dumpling Recipe. Now add a little butter on a shallow frying pan. When heated, add the bread. Cook on both sides. Add more butter according to your preference.

Sweet potato bread is ready. Enjoy it with your morning tea/coffee. If you want to go extra miles, you can add delicious sides like pickle, potato curry, bean soup, omelette…anything.

 During my Everest trek last year, I had this bread along with an omelette as breakfast in Pheriche and it lasted us for a long time until we reached Tengboche which was about 3-4 hours walk. So, this is pretty wholesome meal for when you have a long day ahead.


Power pose above Pheriche!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Go change your boring breakfast now!






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