How to Make Mixed Vegetables Salad!

Hello all,

I hope every one of you are doing fine. The chilly winter is almost over now with the weather getting super nice. This beautiful weather calls for some fresh and healthy salad. So here’s a quick and easy recipe.

This one is for mixed vegetable salad. Fresh vegetables are delicious so mixing them with different combinations to create  a salad ensures becomes an exciting meal or a side dish. Salad are delicious and knowing that they are also good for you adds to the delicious factor. See below the colorful salad that I prepared:

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  1. 200gm star capsicum
  2. 200gm beetroot
  3. 200gm cabbage
  4. 200gm carrot

For dressing

  • Rosemary 1 bunch
  • Vinegar 1 tbs
  • Garlic fine paste 1 tbs
  • Light soy sauce 1 tbs
  • Salt pepper to taste


Boil the beetroot until cooked, then let it cool. Cut the star capsicum medium dice then cut the beetroot medium dice. Also cut the cabbage medium dice. Mix all ingredients in one large bowl. In the photo I’ve also added some nasturtium flowers for more flair and punch. But if you do not have it, no problem. The salad is equally delicious without it too. 

Btw this is a nasturtium. Very common in Kathmandu.

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To make the vinegar dressing, finely chop the rosemary bunch. Mix all the above mentioned ingredient in one bowl. Then add this sauce to the salad bowl. Mix well, and serve. So easy!

See other easy salad that I made.

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