How to make Khapse (Sherpa pastry)

Khapse is a deep fried pastry prepared most commonly at Losar, but also sometimes on other special occasions like (Sherpa wedding). There are a whole bunch of different kind of Khapse. I am using mango powder in my recipe as it gives a natural color and little bit sweetness. I have also used coffee mate which is like cream powder and makes the Khapse all the more tasty. 


Preparation Time: 2 Hour

  1. Flour 2 kg
  2. Butter 500gm
  3. Milk one liter
  4. Mango powder juice or icing sugar 150gm
  5. Coffee mate 50gm
  6. Oil  for deep frying

Preparation Steps:

Step 1

Warm  the milk. Add butter and coffee mate. Let butter melt. Do not boil the milk. If you boil the milk it will cook the flour so just make a warm.

Clockwise: No 1 warming milk, 2 butter, 3 add butter 4  butter melts

Step 2

Add flour in a mixing bowl, add mango juice powder and mix well.

first add flour, add powder juice,add warm milk with melted butter and make a dough.

Step 3

Mix and knead the dough until smooth. Keep aside (preferably in sunlight) for 15 minutes. Do not forget to wrap the dough with clingfilm foil.  After 15 minute cut the dough small pieces .

After  15 minutes, dough is ready to be cut.

 Step 4

Roll the dough  to  about a 1/ 4 inch thickness. First cut out a square shape then cut into half. Fold, and cut small strips from the creased section as shown in the photo. Open it up and then roll it. Now pull out the cut out strips one by one. See the photo below which I think is much self explanatory. 

Making the flower shape

Step 5

Heat oil in first high heat then medium heat. Dip the Khapse and fry until golden brown.

Deep frying the khapse in  hot oil

Step 6

They cook pretty fast in just a few minutes. Remove the khapse from the oil  by using a slotted  spoon or large straining utensil letting the oil drain over the pan. Then serve with tea or coffee decorated with some sweets, almonds, walnuts, pistachio nuts, cashews, dried figs.

ready the khapse.

Hope you like this pastry which is easy to make and sinfully delicious to eat.



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