How to make coffee at home

This is by special request of Heema didi since she says she is clueless about how to make coffee. This is a recipe for normal coffee-instant coffee. I use Nescafe Gold but you can use any brand you prefer. Everyone at office are fond of Nescafe Gold.

So here is the how-to for two cups of coffee. We are making one black and one milk coffee in the photos. Change the ingredient quantity according to how many cups you want to serve.


1 tablespoon Nescafe  Coffee
1 tablespoon sugar
2  tablespoon boiled water
1 cup boiling  milk for milk coffee and 1 cup boiling water for black coffee

You will also need something to whisk or mix the coffee like an egg beater or a fork, and a bowl to do the whisking.

egg beater

Something like this for stirring


1. Boil the one cup of milk and water in the stove.


2. In a bowl, add one tablespoon of sugar and coffee

3. Add two tablespoons of hot water or as you see fit.

4. Whisk  all mix with the egg beater in the bowl until it becomes thick and syrupy


5. Pour two tablespoons of final whisked coffee cup into a cup.

6. Now finally add the milk or water that we had heated in step 1 onto the cup


7. Two steaming cups of coffee is ready. (You can add cream and sugar into individual)



Complimentary pose by our model


and this is also our pose

here’s a video that Heema Didi shot another day

So, while making coffee late at night to stay awake for World Cup matches, who you supporting? May be we will root for Brazil-because its the world’s largest coffee producer.


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